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We all panic when we damage something and always think the worst, often we’ll try and “repair” our leather chairs or furniture ourselves before realising that we’ve actually just made the leather damage a lot worse and a lot more noticeable!

Before attempting any leather repairs yourself STOP!
The beauty with leather sofas and chairs is that unlike fabric suites, leather suites can ALWAYS BE REPAIRED. Give one of our technicians a call for a FREE and NO OBLIGATION ADVICE, on what to do before attempting the leather repair yourself.

We may be able to point you in the right direction in order that you can repair it yourselves, or for a fraction of the cost of replacing your beloved leather upholstery, our team of Leather Technicians will come out and examine the damage and suggest ways to repair the damage. Often minor leather repairs including, cuts, holes and scratches can be repaired and recoloured at the premises without any need to take the furniture away to our workshop.


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